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How to Install Shock Absorbers : Changing Pinch-joint Strut ad Mini Strut
How to Choose the right Shock or strut
NEWSR Special
News special introduction
How to Install Shock Absorbers : Changing Struts and Shock Absorbers
7 Great Installation Tips
How different between good and bad shock absorber condition?
JAOS Inspection 2017AXCR
Test Drive K-FLEX
JAOS BATTLEZ for Toyota Fortuner by KYB
KYB Suspension Kit Product Sharing & Test Drive in Malaysia
Stunt Taxi Ride by Karamjit Singh
Test Drive JAOS
SuperClub Racing at Bira Circuit Pataya
TENA FORCE for Toyota new fortuner by KYB (High Performance Heavy Duty shock )
NewSRspecial Test Drive by Karamjit Singh
KYB in Formula Forum (TV Program Thai Version)