Reliability was the main task put before KYB designers when creating the Skorched4’s shock absorber range. A feature of all Skorched4’s shock absorbers is its reinforced metal housings, which combined with a two-pipe design, provides reliable protection against off-road damage. In addition, all Skorched4’s shock absorbers are designed with strong, hardened 16mm rods, and special reinforced materials applied to guide bushings, piston and piston seal.
KYB engineers also maximised the volume of fluid inside the Skorched4’s shock absorber, by increasing the diameter of the cylinder, piston and rod. This allows for the efficient dissipation of heat during intense off-road operation, reducing chances of aeration and suspension fade.

  • Extended and compressed lengths 30mm to 50mm longer than Original Equipment
  • Twin Tube design consisting of hardened chromed 16mm diameter piston rod, results in superior strength under extreme conditions.
  • 4 Step multi-lip seals help eliminate contamination, thereby maintaining oil and gas integrity.
  • Micro-smooth, hard chromed sintered iron pistons and guide rods that reduces friction and heat build-up.
  • Seamless eye ring mounting and cylinders, eliminates weak points and seam failure.
  • Seamless eye rings ensures perfectly round eye rings for a snug fit around the mounting bush.
  • Speed Sensitive Valving: Multi stage compression and rebound valve offers instant response and fast recovery to varying conditions. This increases vehicle control and decreases nose diving under braking.
  • High strength Teflon Bushes to protect internals during extension strokes.
  • All weather fluids maintain constant viscosity regardless of temperatures, providing consistent control.