Gear Climb

This model offers an undiluted driving experience of vehicle control and ride quality.
CLIMB Gear was developed to achieve improved high-speed stability in the tarmac.
The very low speed range (0.1 mm/s or less) setting of the piston in the shock absorber has been finely tuned to deliver instant responsiveness.

KYB decided too fix the damping force, rather than adopt an adjustable damping mechanism, thus keeping the price down.

This is the entry-level model for users who put driving performance first.

Damping properties

CLIMB Gear” offers 200% extension and 180% compression compared to the original equipment. (These values are for guidance only.)

The optimum damping forces are set for each model based on the actual driving test results.


KYB introduces more range of products for street and motor sports.

Meeting the needs of all drivers, KYB introduces a wide range of shock absorber suspension system for street and motor sports.

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KYB joins Clark International Raceway Competition

KYB is set to join the Clark International Raceway Competition in December 2008. Fitted with KYB Real Sports Damper coil over shocks, driver Tyrone Macam is set to have a smooth ride along the race track.

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KYB featured in C! Magazine this November

Check out KYB’s spread in one of the Leading Car magazines in the Philippines this November 2008.

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